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As a veteran wordsmith and copy editor, I will professionally polish your project and make you look good. Your newsletter; consumer,
B2B or association magazine; corporate annual report; website; sales proposal; white paper; blog post; fundraising brochure; or three-volume memoir deserves no less. Your words will receive my utmost attention and respect. Quality means banishing typos, having consistent (and correct) spelling, placing punctuation just right, keeping capitalization under control, de-dangling those modifiers, straightening out it’s and its, keeping nouns and verbs in friendly agreement, and making sure facts are accurate. 

But all that stuff is so serious. Let's have a little fun first. After all, who doesn't love a grammar quiz? Go to my 18-question checkup. If you spot all 36 mistakes, you may not need me. Then again, is that how you want to spend your time?

(A quick word about copy editor and copy editing versus copyeditor and copyediting: The Associated Press Stylebook prefers copy editor and copy editing.)

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