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The mistakes in the sentences below are common errors I have seen over the years. Each sentence has at least one spelling, word usage, punctuation or factual mistake, and most have more than one. I stuck with straightforward errors, avoiding gray areas that would trigger merry-go-round discussions, as fun as they are, among copy editors. Good luck. Answers are conveniently revealed on the Contact page! 

  1. The kids finally laid down in the adjoining hotel room, leaving the weary parents to their complementary bottle of wine.

  2. The principle themes of For Whom the Bells Toll was lost on the students.

  3. Foregoing pleasantries as he headed toward the door, Uncle Jerry parted with an abrupt, “I said my peace. See ya.”

  4. Through shear determination, she studied to become an advance practice nurse while working full-time.

  5. Its common knowledge aneurysms most often form in the abdomen, however, they can occur anywhere in the body.

  6. The homebuyers signed a waver against there agent’s advice and later paid a price.

  7. Tim’s forklift lessons immediately led to a part time job moving palettes in the beer warehouse.

  8. Known as a lose cannon, she also had skills in truly affecting change.

  9. If you do get a sunburn, put a cold compress on it, even a bag of frozen vegetables will work.

  10. After final exams we were at O’Rourkes where the editor of the college paper was drunk and playing Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” over and over on the jukebox.

  11. His principal goal was to become a diplomat of the American College of Cardiology.

  12. The realization they no longer would have access to his wise council effected them deeply.

  13. He was a Navel man through and through and could never reign in his tendency to respond “aye, aye” to his wife.

  14. The Joneses’ have been assisting neighbor Bob with planning his deck and construction is going at top speed.

  15. The restaurateur had a flare for German and Asian cuisines, but combining the two specialties did not draw the sophisticated palates she had envisioned.

  16. Bill was struck by lightening in 1999, peaking his interest in meteorological phenomenas.

  17. After earning his MBA, Roger pedaled time-shares for a living, getting farther and farther from his dream of an empire of fireworks stands.

  18. It started out as a speakeasy, founded in 1926 in the throes of the Great Depression, than became a cabaret lounge.

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