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"Adding Cindy as our final set of eyes before we go to press has improved the quality and accuracy of the Costco Connection magazine immensely. She is thorough, extremely detail-oriented, and on-time."

—​​ T. Foster Jones, Managing Editor, Costco Connection, Issaquah, Washington

Cindy’s editing skills have made a tremendous impact to our survey products. Her ability to help us in our testing process has been critical to us delivering a great product to our client. Since she’s been working with us, our quality of final product has increased tremendously and we’ve been able to condense our delivery schedule with her help. Cindy has never missed a deadline, even when they are tight, and usually delivers ahead of schedule. She is a valuable part of our team and I’m very thankful we found her."

—​​ Darcie Wolfe, Associate, Agency Mania, Seattle

“Knowing that Cindy’s eagle eyes are on the case — or the PDFs — is tremendously reassuring. She has our unreserved trust when it comes to spotting any errors and suggesting improvements that could help clarify muddled thoughts and muddied verbiage.”

—​​ Sam Mittelsteadt, Editor and Creative Director, Farran Media, Phoenix

“Over the 15 years I’ve worked with her, Cindy Hutchinson has proved herself to be the most reliable, reasonable, thoughtful copy editor I’ve worked with. She catches our errors, improves our prose and — quietly and with good humor — teaches us to be better, more careful writers and thinkers in the process.”

—​ ​David Murray, Editor and Publisher, Pro Rhetoric LLC, publisher of Vital Speeches of the Day, and author of An Effort to Understand (2021), Chicago

“Cindy’s deep knowledge of grammar and finesse with language are only exceeded by her work ethic and professionalism. Whenever we have a project that demands precision and excellence, she is our go-to editor. She’s simply the best.”

— Jeff Ficker, Chief Creative Officer, Casual Astronaut, Phoenix

“We are a repeat customer. Cindy meets our urgent deadlines with professionalism and helps ensure that our projects are error-free and meet grammatical standards. Her mark-ups are concise and clear.”

—​ Brooke Blue, Managing Director and Founder, True Blue Strategies, Seattle

“We have found working with Cindy to be a pleasure — not only is she easy to work with, but she’s also very competent and meets the deadlines we set. We couldn’t be more happy to have added her to our freelance mix!”

— Sherilee Coffey, Director of Creative Operations, Coffey Communications​

Walla Walla, Washington

“I have worked with Cindy for nearly a decade on myriad projects. She is an impeccable copy editor who wholly understands deadline pressure — and she works accordingly. This is something every editor asks for and greatly appreciates.”

— Leigh Flayton, Senior Editor, Casual Astronaut, New York City

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